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Product Portfolio
Precisioneering provides consistently reliable FRP Products through Experience, Quality Control & Engineering. Precisioneering’s engineered FRP liner is composed of: imported “C” glass veil, hand applied by experienced craftsmen and two separate layers of corrosion resistant chopped strand mat also hand applied. Inspection occurs before the structural layers are applied as part of the Quality Control program.


Precisioneering Ltd. has been manufacturing corrosion resistant engineered proprietary fiberglass equipment since 1964. There are a variety of manufacturing methods utilized during the production of FRP equipment, including hand lay-up, filament winding, RTM and other specialized processes.

Precisioneering manufactures engineered fiberglass tanks, brine makers, pollution control scrubbers, fans, piping, fume hoods, ducting and grating. Custom designed products are also available. Precisioneering’s investment into permanent tooling for all standard products ensures consistent dimensionally correct products, smooth surfaces producing superior corrosion resistant liners, fewer fabrication joints, and the ability to generate efficient complex shapes without adding cost to the product.